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Inspiring Designs for Dual Living Homes

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Australia’s housing market is embracing the innovative trend of dual-occupancy homes, offering double the benefits for both homeowners and investors. Whether for multi-generational living or boosting rental yields, these homes provide privacy, convenience, and modern amenities. Explore the advantages of dual living, design considerations, and showcases Vision Homes’ popular duplex floor plans, helping you create a contemporary, stylish, and functional dual-living space.

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Uncovering the Best Home Builders in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Builder for Your Dream Home

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Newcastle is a multifaceted and multicultured area and one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial development locations in New South Wales. With real estate in demand and so many people moving from Sydney and interstate to make the Hunter Valley their new home, it’s important to find the right builder for the job. A local builder in Newcastle will know not only …

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27 Features to Consider for Any New Home Build

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Anyone who has built a home before will tell you it is quite an undertaking. What at first seems like one big decision soon turns out to actually be many, many smaller choices, from home design to appliances and fixtures. The features you choose for your house will help define your house and turn it into a home. We’ve compiled …

Duplex Designs

5 Popular Duplex Home Designs to Build on Your Property

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Duplexes have been an Australian staple for decades. Duplex designs have come a long way from being two houses plonked together and joined by a driveway. These days, modern duplex designs can cater to a wide range of needs to make the most of your block and to suit families of all shapes and sizes. A duplex home offers the …

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6 Ways to Design a Timeless Home that Never Goes Out of Style

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A timeless home. You know it when you see it—sophisticated, not overstated yet never muted, quality finishes and a classic look. They’re the type of home many buyers look for, home renovators aspire for, and custom home builders love to create. You may be under the impression that your home must be aged, lived in and slowly curated over many …

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What to Look for When Choosing a Home Design Company

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Building a home is one of the most monumental things you will ever do. It requires the skill to confidently make quick decisions, including just the right mix of emotion and realism. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your home for years or just starting to consider building a custom home from scratch, one of the best places to start is …

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10 Ways to Renovate Your Outdated Home Design

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With more people more spending time at home, renovations are becoming the answer for those wanting a fresh perspective, extra space, or a stylish upgrade. Everyone enjoys the creature comforts of home, but often routines change, families grow and what was in vogue a few years ago is no longer trendy.  We’ve compiled ten ways to redesign and bring new …