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What to Look for When Choosing a Home Design Company

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Building a home is one of the most monumental things you will ever do. It requires the skill to confidently make quick decisions, including just the right mix of emotion and realism. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your home for years or just starting to consider building a custom home from scratch, one of the best places to start is by finding the right custom home builder.

Working with the right custom home builder can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience, resulting in your dream home. On the other hand, choosing the wrong builder can result in the all too common construction horror story with failed promises, overstretched budgets and extended timelines.

Read our tips below for finding the best custom home design company, and you’ll be one step closer to your dream home with a memorable build for all the right reasons.

1. Timing is everything

It’s important to get a builder on board before you get too far into the design process, but not too soon before you’re ready to get started, so they aren’t waiting for you to commit. The best time to engage with a builder is before you begin the design phase with the architect or shortly after. A good custom builder will work closely with you and your architect to ensure your build remains on budget and schedule while offering invaluable industry insight and creative ideas.

2. Conduct local research

There is nothing more revealing than reviews, both online and in person. Start conducting local research, whether that means asking people in your community about their builder, scouring the internet for online reviews, or even checking out the display homes of your local builder. This will soon provide you with a short list of options to follow up with or of those you should avoid.

3. Get in touch with your builder

You may be feeling impatient to break ground. Still, it’s important to interview your potential builder to assess their experience, how organised they are, how well they communicate, and how well you click. Ask for examples of their work on their worksite or in display homes to ensure they have the quality, safety measures, finishes and inclusions you’re happy with.

4. Know what to look for

You may assume your builder only needs good tools and experience building houses. While these factors are useful, a good builder has many more qualities. Anyone can claim to be a custom home builder, but this can mean anything from the ability to choose from a few different paint swatches to the complete customisation of floor plans down to the finest details. A custom builder requires flexibility, experience, industry contacts, reliability and creativity, plus much more to make your vision come to life.

5. Ensure they are reliable and responsive

If your builder takes too long to get back to you, chances are this will be a continuing trend throughout your build. One of the biggest benefits of using a custom home builder is the individualised focus that you will receive. This focus can result in quicker timelines, kept promises and better access to materials; however, you need to ensure that your builder is reliable and responsive from the get-go.

6. Ask for examples of their creativity

A good custom home builder is as creative as they come, not just in home designs but in navigating challenges, offering new perspectives and giving a home design experience, unlike the rest. They should be able to provide a wide range of inclusions, options for additional add-ons, and examples of their previous work similar to what you’re seeking.

7. Make sure they catch your vision

Perhaps one of the most important things is that your builder understands your vision and what you’re going for with your design. Partnering with someone who can catch what you’re throwing and who listens with an open mind can mean the difference between feeling free to create your dream home or being shoved into a box. Whether you’ve already decided on your future home design down to the finishings and fixtures or need expert guidance for every step, your builder should make you feel confident, calm and comfortable. While they may not be ‘yes men’, they will have alternatives, suggestions, and tools to back it up.

8. Check the builder’s warranties, insurance and licencing

One of the perks of building a home from scratch is that the materials, appliances and the house itself will be under warranty, giving peace of mind should anything go awry. Many building companies offer a structural warranty, and choosing a builder who responds promptly to repairs and maintenance needs is worth choosing. It’s always a good idea to check the builders licensing, insurance and policies around after-sale support so you can have clear expectations.

9. Always look for quality

You’re paying a lot for your home; whether it’s an investment property or a forever home, building it from scratch is not a decision you would have taken lightly. You deserve quality every step of the way, from the first inquiry to after-sales support. By looking out for the above and remembering that quality is key, you will soon notice if the company is worth your time (and money).

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