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Sorrento 307
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 308 m2
Lot Width: 18 m
Vittoria 318
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 315 m2
Lot Width: 17.6 m
Valentia 270
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 271 m2
Lot Width: 17.0 m
Catalina 301
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 300 m2
Lot Width: 17.0 m
Modena 309
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 309 m2
Lot Width: 18.90 m
Amalfi 312
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
House Size: 312 m2
Lot Width: 15.0 m

Duplex Designs for Every Budget

Due to the everlasting popularity of the lifestyle and opportunities in New South Wales, the cost of living and the availability of property continues to be a point of contention for many families. Australias are becoming more savvy and inventive than ever to secure permanent, comfortable and affordable housing that won't compromise on location or lifestyle.

One of the best answers to these concerns is duplex homes.

Duplexes offer a way into the housing market for first time buyers, a place to rent out for seasoned investors and a great return of investment for all. Living in a duplex offers low maintenance and an easy lifestyle that many are attracted to and creates opportunities for those wanting to rent out their property in the future.

Savvy homeowners have been building duplexes for decades to bring in extra income, provide housing for extended families or expand floor plans. A duplex is a residential building containing two separate dwellings joined by a common central wall. The benefits of building a duplex are multifaceted as you are building two dwellings on one block of land.

A duplex opens up a world of opportunity for the owner. They are now afforded the option to rent out the space, occupy the space, sell them separately, or provide a perfect solution for elderly or teenage family members.

Our duplex designs do not compromise on style, quality or function and are sure to surprise you with their innovative design.

More than Dual Occupancy Homes

You may have heard of duplex homes but are unsure whether it is the right property design for you. Duplex home designs can be created with complete privacy, modern points of difference and spacious, open layouts to benefit even the busiest families.

Duplex properties are quality homes that are commonplace in both cityside and suburban streets thanks to their easy maintenance lifestyle, budget-friendly construction and their ability to suit many different street-front styles.

With duplex dwellings you will enjoy:

  • The option to generate two rent incomes
  • Flexible living options for family members, friends or renters
  • The option to live close to your renter or short term accommodation tenant
  • A maximum return of investment on your land and construction costs

Our dual living designs are complex, unique and spacious, built to match your needs down to the finest details. Additionally, we can create custom designs so you can have the perfect solution for your dual occupancy.

Cheaper than One, Better than Two

It is cheaper and often more beneficial to build duplex home designs than it is to create two separate homes. A duplex home will only incur one set of land and council charges and be cheaper in construction than two typical homes of the same size.

Building a duplex is one of the best ways to take advantage of land packages and knock down rebuild homes as you're creating two attached full-sized family homes instead of one standalone dwelling. A duplex design with Vision Homes doesn't have to compromise on size, layout or function and can generate double the amount of rent with less overhead costs.

People often perform knockdown rebuilds because they love their land and location but not the home that sits upon it. Through building a duplex, you will be getting a home on the land you love, times two!

Duplex designs have come a long way and are a modern solution to modern problems such as small blocks, crowded suburbs and busy family life. By making the most of your block of land, you will experience financial, social and lifestyle benefits while enjoying all that a duplex home can bring.

Double the Quality, Double the Value

Our duplex homes can be built to accommodate any size family, featuring everything you should expect in modern home designs such as light-filled spaces, open spacious kitchens, comfortable dining and living areas, top of the range appliances, generous bedrooms and bathrooms plus cleverly designed alfresco areas.

Duplex homes are fast becoming one of the most affordable and convenient housing options all across the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley. After a simple site inspection, our award-winning duplex building team can discuss our range of duplex home designs that will surprise you with their spaciousness and modern design qualities. Living in a duplex home is no longer synonymous with noisy neighbours and small garages.

The process of building with Vision Homes is simple.

You will start the process with one of our experienced and creative sales consultants who will help you to select a plan that you love from either our range of display homes or our custom design catalogue, making tweaks along the way to personalise and make it perfect for you.

We will help you through the contract process and handle all building approvals while you pick out the perfect paint colour and decide who gets the biggest bedroom.

The construction stage is the most exciting part where you get to see your carefully designed new homes come to life before your eyes.

Before you know it, you'll be receiving your keys and settling into your dream properties.

There are many unique and exciting ways to use and customise a duplex home and with Vision Homes, it is simple to achieve your dream space, thanks to our easy design process and expert construction.

Our display homes across the Central Coast and NSW will offer the best insight into our design, workmanship, quality and style, and will fill your mind with inspiration down to the finest details for your dream home.

Search through our duplex home designs below or contact us on (02) 4934 6666 to chat with one of our friendly team about your duplex.