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6 Ways to Design a Timeless Home that Never Goes Out of Style

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A timeless home. You know it when you see it—sophisticated, not overstated yet never muted, quality finishes and a classic look. They’re the type of home many buyers look for, home renovators aspire for, and custom home builders love to create.

You may be under the impression that your home must be aged, lived in and slowly curated over many decades to become timeless. However, with a multi-layered custom approach, even a modern knock down rebuild home can feel timeless. Whether your dream house emanates that classic Airbnb you fell in love with or your grandma’s old Victorian-style home with a fireplace in every room, our custom builders can make your property dreams come true. 

Read on for inspiration to create your timeless, custom-built home. 

6 Ways to create a timeless interior home design

1. Design an open floor plan

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The open-floor home design is a modern concept; however, it is one of the best ways to create a timeless look and feel in your home. Open planned homes offer greater adaptability over time as the family dynamics shift and change, with a seamless flow between rooms.

The design elements of your open-planned home can be unified and seamless, with the living, kitchen and dining carrying a similar feel in their flooring, colours, and illumination. This consistency will create a timeless look with the ability to change your decor based on the seasons and your shifts in inspiration.

If you’re designing a new home from scratch, talk to a custom home builder about ways to create a function and beautiful open space in your layout.

2. Curate the space with sophisticated furniture

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While you may not have decades to curate the interior of your home slowly, it’s important not to rush to choose pieces just because they’re on trend. Creating a timeless look is about looking past the colour of the moment or the furniture style in vogue and choosing what truly suits and functions in your home. Think sophistication, understated accent pieces, and rare one-of-a-kind finds.

3. Keep your space simple

Simple living room furniture design

The secret of a well-designed home is an owner who isn’t afraid to edit. Timeless homes respect the space, and while there are stunning things to look at, there is also room to move. Furniture is well spaced, surfaces are decorated with strategic pieces, and the fixtures tend to be understated to allow a focus on soft furnishings and decor. Consider how the furniture will fit in the space, ensuring that the room will be well proportioned, comfortable, and functional.

4. Stick to ageless classics

White living room couches with brick fireplace

It might seem obvious, but classic styling and evergreen furniture choices are the best way to create a timeless look. Many sophisticated furniture pieces are made to last with comfort and function at the forefront of their design, and their style credits only increase over time.

Consider the architecture of your home when choosing your classic pieces, working them in to suit the cornices, windows, and mouldings of your space. Classic pieces set out in a symmetrical layout, with strategic focal points such as a fireplace or your favourite artwork give a room an instantly timeless feel.

5. Embrace neutrals

Timeless living room design with blush blue couch

When you think of the 60s, you likely conjure brown velvet and orange-stained glass images. Likewise, the 90’s inspire images of waterbeds and beaded curtains. A timeless home, however, will feature neutrals to outlast any passing trend. Warmth, minimalism, freshness, and comfort can be created with a neutral palette, with splashes of colour to add individuality. Think soft blue furnishings and pops of green throughout your plants. An oversized artwork to inspire the rest of the decor? Even better.

6. Don’t be afraid to time travel

Living room with wooden accent desk

Ultimately, a timeless design is about creating balance. Intentionally and strategically combining furniture, artworks, furnishings and finishings from different eras can be a great way to avoid trends and create a timeless appeal. Nothing screams classic like restored antique furniture against crisp fresh walls or a vintage rug under a modern couch. With balance as the key, you can mix and match the old and new to create a truly unique home.

Interior design trends that will never go out of style

Wooden head board with cotton white duvet

If you’re in doubt about how to style your home, consider these evergreen design trends that have stood the test of time, outlasting what is in vogue, time and time again.

Organic and natural materials

Wool, cotton, timber and linen used throughout the home can create an upscale yet comfortable and timeless look. 

Blue china and porcelain

This might shock you, but your nanna’s porcelain could be the style piece you’ve been searching for. Installed on walls, featured in minimalistic cabinets or even repurposed as tile work, vintage porcelain creates a lovely point of difference.

Marble countertops

This is where the functionality and style of timelessness combine. Marble is durable, and no two pieces are alike, making them a perfect addition to your design.

Terrazzo flooring and features

From cement garage floors to the columns of Venice, terrazzo chips are as unique as grains of sand. Sprinkling them into your design can create a timeless European appeal.

Rattan and wicker

Rattan has come back in a big way, but did it ever go out of style? Wicker and rattan have been popular since early 8000 B.C and have no signs of slowing down.

Upholstered furniture

This comes as a relief to those who prefer comfort with their style. From plush velvet couches in the sitting room to a soft and oversized couch in the lounge room, upholstered furniture is a timeless favourite for a good reason.

Sconces and ornate light fittings

Light fittings allow you to bring a point of difference without overwhelming the room. Whether you restore antique finds or install modern fixtures, every space could benefit from a light fitting.

Exposed brick walls

Brick walls add an industrial and historical value to a home, even if it was just built yesterday. Whether whitewashed or clean and original, brick will never go out of style.

Subway tile in splashbacks and wet areas

Subway tile wipes clean easily and looks great in various colours. This versatile material has found its way into bathrooms and kitchens of homes across the world due to its classic appeal.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors add an instantly Australian, classic and timeless appeal. When it comes to home construction, few materials have been relied upon for as long as timber and oak.

Canopy beds

No longer strictly used for nobility, canopy beds come in a range of modern and vintage designs to suit your timeless home. Canopy beds can add an instant dreamy appeal to a bedroom and can be dressed up or down to suit a range of aesthetics.

Gallery walls

Gallery walls allow a homeowner to express themselves as little else can. They can add instant warmth to a large space or draw the eye strategically in a small area.


Wallpaper is a perfect choice for those who want to avoid the paintbrush. Available in any colour or design you could think of, a modern wallpapered feature wall will stand the test of time in your home.

Hanging pots and vertical storage

This isn’t just stylish, but clever. Think ‘up’ when planning your kitchen storage, and you might find ways to add timeless style and space for all your essentials.

Built-in or floating shelving

Books might be more digital than ever, but their appeal is timeless. Add some built-in or floating storage for your book collection, personal mementoes or family portraits, and your timeless home will be instantly personalised.


Have you got a timeless vision for your home?

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