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Why Hire a Local Home Builder in Newcastle

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When choosing a construction company to build your dream home in Newcastle, a local builder comes with many benefits for you and for the wider community. Not only is a local builder the practical choice, but it’s economically smart and gives you peace of mind that the professionals you’ve chosen to work with also have a vested interest in the …

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Home in Newcastle

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Affordable living, a fabulous lifestyle, all the amenities you could ever need — it’s no wonder more people are moving to Newcastle than ever before. However, with the influx of people from capital cities like Melbourne and Sydney looking for a home in Newcastle, home prices are on the rise. So, if there was ever a time to build a …

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Central Coast’s Best Neighbourhoods for Downsizers

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Nestled between the two biggest cities in NSW — Sydney and Newcastle — there’s a lot to love about the Central Coast. Accessibility, a laid-back lifestyle, plenty of natural beauty and cultural experiences and a thriving food scene make it an appealing option for downsizers, especially those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Whether you’re …

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Uncovering the Best Home Builders in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Builder for Your Dream Home

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Newcastle is a multifaceted and multicultured area and one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial development locations in New South Wales. With real estate in demand and so many people moving from Sydney and interstate to make the Hunter Valley their new home, it’s important to find the right builder for the job. A local builder in Newcastle will know not only …

Knock Down Rebuild of a home

Benefits & Challenges of Knock Down Rebuild Projects in Regional NSW: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Central Coast

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Good land can be hard to find, and while you may enjoy the location of where you live, you may not enjoy the house itself. Whether you’ve lived in the house for a while and need a change of scenery, or you’ve purchased a new property for the block rather than the home, the option of a Knock Down Rebuild …

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10 Best Suburbs in Newcastle to Invest in 2024

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The Newcastle region is quickly emerging as an attractive investment in the New South Wales real estate market. The state’s second-largest metropolitan city boasts stunning beaches, a lively CBD, family-friendly suburbs and lower median house prices than the Central Coast and Sydney markets. Across all demographics, Newcastle residents enjoy a laid-back beach lifestyle with perfect weather all year round in …

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8 Reasons Why Mayfield, NSW is Heating Up Amongst Home Investors

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Looking for an up-and-coming area to build your new home? Look no further than Mayfield, Newcastle. Located just a stone’s throw away from Newcastle and a 2-hour drive from greater Sydney, this up-and-coming suburb has a lot to offer for home investors and families alike. It was even recently listed in’s article “Australia’s hottest regional areas unveiled by experts”! With …

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Knock Down Rebuild vs Renovation: Which is Best in 2024?

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If your home has seen better days and is in need of major repair, or its age makes the maintenance too much of a hassle, or you’ve simply outgrown it, you might consider renovating it. If you love the suburb where you live, this might seem like the best option. But did you know a renovation can cost a homeowner …

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27 Features to Consider for Any New Home Build

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Anyone who has built a home before will tell you it is quite an undertaking. What at first seems like one big decision soon turns out to actually be many, many smaller choices, from home design to appliances and fixtures. The features you choose for your house will help define your house and turn it into a home. We’ve compiled …

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Build Your Dream Home in the Iconic Hunter Valley Region

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Two hours’ drive from Sydney rests an expansive region like no other – The Hunter Valley in New South Wales.  Known for being the home of some of Australia’s most famous wines, many people flock to this region every year for gourmet getaways and exquisite dining opportunities. The natural wonders of the Hunter Valley, along with an expansive farming history, …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Duplex Home

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Building a duplex can be an affordable way to get into the real estate market. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to do your research so that you know what to expect. This blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about building a duplex for newbies. We’ll cover the basics, such as financing and permits, as …

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The 4 Stages of Building a New Home

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Building a new home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of steps involved in the process, and it’s important to stay organised and on top of each one. Despite popular assumptions, building a home can be exciting and enjoyable. Understanding the building process can go a long way in delivering on …

The Future of Housing in a Post Pandemic World

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The homes that we know and love are a result of adaptation and discovery, particularly through periods such as the Spanish Flu in 1920. Impacting millions of people, designers adapted their floor plans and materials to include easier to clean surfaces for simpler and more effective sanitisation. Thus, subway tile and linoleum made their mark on the housing industry. Homes …

How to Minimise the Cost when Building a New Home

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Building a new home can be an exciting experience, and it can be easy to overspend. When designing your new home, you will most likely have non-negotiable aspects. With proper planning, there is no reason why you must miss out on having these important elements in your forever home. While a budget can feel limiting, Vision Homes can work with …

Can You Negotiate with Home Builders on Price?

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Building a home is an exciting, scary, and important decision, and can be a wonderful way to get your dream home for a price that suits you. Savvy homeowners know when to purchase land, whether to build or buy and if you’re at the stage of receiving quotes based on your blueprints and house plans, chances are you’re money smart …

Is building a new home cheaper than buying?

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The home-buying experience comes loaded with many decisions you’ll have to make. Where will you buy? What sort of neighbourhood do you want to live in? What sort of house do you want? How will you finance your purchase? One of the initial big questions you’ll likely find yourself asking is whether to buy an existing house or build your …

5 Things To Know Before Building Your First Home

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Building a new home is a major endeavour, no matter when you do it. It can be especially daunting if it’s your first home! You may be finding it difficult to know where to start and have never bought a house before; you may not even know what questions to ask. The first home-building experience can be a rollercoaster journey …