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Multi-Generational Family

Multi-Generational Living in Australia with Knock Down Rebuild

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Common in other countries and cultures for many years, multi-generational living — where several generations of a family reside under one roof — is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Here, the trend is being driven by housing affordability and changing family values as Aussie families embrace love, togetherness and the support that living under one roof brings. In this article, …

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Financing Options for a Knock Down Rebuild: What You Need to Know

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Whether your home needs significant repairs or no longer suits your lifestyle, starting from scratch can be daunting. Perhaps you’re a first-home buyer looking for an easier way to enter the market. You’ve found a location you love, but there’s a shortage of housing stock or land on the market. Depending on your circumstances, a knock down rebuild can be …

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The Best Ways To Save On A Knock Down Rebuild

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The changes to the NSW housing market in the last years have been huge. Covid has helped us all clarify what is really important, and as a result, we’ve seen people flocking toward green spaces and sea-changes in droves. Who wouldn’t want to work from home while living in the most beautiful parts of our country? While it may seem …

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Knock Down Rebuilds: Everything You Need to Know About

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The housing market is hotter than it’s ever been, and the market in some of Australia’s coastal and inner-city residential areas is becoming harder and harder to break into. This can make homeowners feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place when their family outgrows their home, the property needs expensive major repairs or they’re simply …