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Knock Down Rebuilds: Everything You Need to Know About

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The housing market is hotter than it’s ever been, and the market in some of Australia’s coastal and inner-city residential areas is becoming harder and harder to break into. This can make homeowners feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place when their family outgrows their home, the property needs expensive major repairs or they’re simply ready for an upgrade. 

This is where knock down rebuilds come in to save the day. 

What is a knock down rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild refers to the process of demolishing an existing property and building a new one from scratch in its place. Knock down rebuilds allow the property owner who loves where they live but not the home they live in to keep their location and build a home that better suits their needs. Knock down rebuilds are rising in popularity due to good land being harder to find, plus community becoming more important through pandemics and the busy nature of modern life. If you love your school, have the perfect commute, amazing neighbours, and the best coffee shop right down the road – a knockdown rebuild could be the perfect solution. 

Knock down rebuilds are perfect for those whose homes are outdated, with more and more issues cropping up as years go by. With some older construction, the service connections aren’t as efficient or as environmentally friendly as they should be to keep up with the demands of modern life. If your home has asbestos, termite-infested wood or plasterboard that has seen better days – a knock down rebuild will likely be a cheaper and more effective overall solution. 

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How much does a knock down rebuild cost?

The cost of your knockdown rebuild will vary based on various factors, from the type of flooring you choose to the size of your future home. One thing is for sure: you will be saving on the cost of buying new land. Gone are the days of blocks that cost less than six figures, not to mention the associated fees and moving costs. You will require somewhere to store your belongings (preferably a nearby garage to save you some money), and the demolition can cost around $40,000.  A “ballpark figure” of building a new home from scratch is between $500,000 – $700,000, and the cost will largely depend on your needs, style, and budget.

Our blog article, 5 Things To Know Before Building Your First Home, mentions financing your project. The same applies to a rebuild, with pre-approval essential and grants often available for those building for the first time. Unexpected costs are inevitable in any large-scale project, so a separate fund to account for this will make your life easier as the project progresses. Many people who rebuild have a short period where they need to stay with friends and family, but if this isn’t an option for you, a budget for a short-term stay or even an Airbnb is an essential consideration. 

Can I perform a knock down rebuild in my area?

Most municipal bodies don’t have a problem with knockdown rebuilds, but it will depend on the council within your area and what kind of permits and legalities you need to address. Planning approval can depend on planning overlays, the size of the property in question and whether the building is heritage-listed. Building approval is a separate process and can be arranged through your governing body or a private building surveyor. Your local council will also let you know if you need to consider traffic management plans for the duration of your build. 

You can begin the process toward approval by visiting the NSW Land Use Planning portal. Otherwise, our knowledgeable team can help you get started and understand the process further. During our building process, which can be found on our knock down rebuild page here, we perform a site inspection before we begin any build to ensure your vision can come to life the way you’re hoping it can. During this visit, we will discuss any permits, landscaping needs or admin that will occur throughout your build. Our thorough consultation process exists to take the stress off your mind and to give us all the best power of knowledge moving forward with the build. 

Is a knock down rebuild better than a renovation?

Renovations are infamous for blowing out of proportion. What began as a simple cabinet redesign can reveal problems lurking beneath the surface of your kitchen, for example. Even if your renovation goes off without a hitch, you may be trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, never ending up with the home you’ve been dreaming of. 

The beauty of a knock down rebuild is that you can start from scratch. Perhaps your family is complete, and you know the exact floor plan you will need to make your house your forever home. Maybe your style has morphed, and what you weren’t sure of the first time you bought has become a solid idea in your house dream. Whatever the case, in rebuilding your home with a creative team such as our Vision Homes crew, you can leave nothing out, making your home the perfect place to spend your life. 

By rebuilding from scratch, you can improve the connections to be more energy-efficient and sustainable, cutting down your cost of living and doing your part for the planet. Renovating can be like pulling a thread; you will soon realise the work is never done. The results from a knockdown rebuild can be experienced sooner than a renovation, freeing up your weekends from trips to Bunnings and late nights spent by a floodlight.

Handing over the property keys

We can help…

At Vision Homes, we work hard to make your build comfortable, simple, and uniquely yours so you can enjoy the process and step into your new home feeling confident. Regarding knock-down rebuilds, we can take care of everything from the initial site visit to the demolition, to design, and finally, we can hand over the keys to your dream home.

Check out our knock down rebuild page to find more answers to your questions, to get in touch, or to discover what the Vision difference could mean for your next build.