Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Home in Newcastle

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Affordable living, a fabulous lifestyle, all the amenities you could ever need — it’s no wonder more people are moving to Newcastle than ever before.

However, with the influx of people from capital cities like Melbourne and Sydney looking for a home in Newcastle, home prices are on the rise. So, if there was ever a time to build a new home in Newcastle, it’s now.

Here’s our ultimate guide to building a home in Newcastle so that you can start living the dream as soon as possible.

How to select the perfect plot of land to build on

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The price of vacant blocks of land in Newcastle is more affordable than in the capital cities, and with the average house price hovering around the $1 million mark, a lot can be gained by building a home in Newcastle.

As with all Australian coastal cities, soft soils are common in Newcastle and can increase building costs if found on your block. Estuarine soft soil and acid sulphate soils, as well as sloping sites, are all commonly found in Newcastle, particularly to the north.

Therefore, it’s important to be aware of how these soil types and site challenges will affect construction in your desired location and carefully consider your design options during the planning stages.

Because we’re a local Newcastle builder, and we know that budget is a priority for every home build, Vision Homes offers fixed site costs so that there are no budget blowouts.

As the second-largest city in New South Wales, Newcastle has it all in terms of amenities. If you don’t mind a short commute, the suburbs of Lake Macquarie and the wider Hunter Valley area represent great value for home buyers who still want to be close to the action but with all the lifestyle benefits that these areas bring.

Maybe a knockdown rebuild is right for you?

Knock Down Rebuild of a home

As with most large cities, land in inner-city locations is in high demand and, therefore, more expensive. However, opportunities in these sought-after suburbs are possible if home builders consider options such as a knockdown rebuild, where an existing home is demolished to make way for a modern and often more sustainable home.

A knockdown rebuild can allow you to choose a home design that incorporates passive design principles to reduce power bills, accommodates multiple generations of your family, or simply design your home to your unique requirements in a prime location close to amenities. A knockdown rebuild can be more cost-effective than a major renovation and often takes around the same amount of time.

Whether you love your current location but not your home or you’re a new home buyer if you think a knockdown rebuild in Newcastle is right for you, Vision Homes has more than 20 years of experience with this type of construction. We offer personalised service, allowing you to customise our home designs for your specific needs and work with local suppliers and contractors to deliver you your dream home.

Things to consider when designing your dream home

Home designers planning floor plans

At Vision Homes, we like to say that because we’re designers as well as builders, we’re the perfect package! Your happiness is our primary concern, so we take the time to understand your requirements for a home and the budget you have to work with. And because we’re a local Newcastle builder, we know how to work with the area’s unique environmental factors to match your home design to your particular site.

Offering modern architecture that represents the very latest in style and value, our home designs can be customised to suit the needs of your family. Whether you want to change the floor plans to make the living room bigger, use a different colour scheme for the interior or exterior, or upgrade fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, you get the opportunity to visit our suppliers so that you can choose what’s right for you.

How to navigate permits and approvals needed to build

Budget Considerations for a Knock Down Rebuild

Whether your new home requires a Development Application or is a Complying Development, when you work with Vision Homes to have your home built in Newcastle, we take all the hassle out of obtaining building approvals for you.

Leave it to us to deal with the City of Newcastle and other local councils as we arrange all the necessary documentation to obtain a construction certificate for your site.

What happens when it comes time for construction

Building a brand-new home is a big commitment, and a successful and stress-free build requires working with a company, such as Vision Homes, that you can rely on to communicate effectively.

Here, we’ve laid out the construction part of our home-building process in a few steps so that you can see how quickly things come together.

Step 1. The site is prepared to have the slab and foundation laid.
Step 2. The framing to support your home is built.
Step 3. Complete the roofing, bricklaying, and external cladding, and install the windows and doors so that your home is at the ‘lockup’ stage. (You should have all of your materials selected by now because the next two stages go quickly.)
Step 4. The rough-in is done, where electrical cables, plumbing, and connection to utilities such as gas and heating and cooling ducts are installed.
Step 5. Insulation is installed before the plasterboard is attached, flooring is laid, tiling is completed, and cabinetry is installed.
Step 6. The fit-off stage is the final one, during which tradespeople install light fittings, taps, door hardware, locks, etc.
Step 7. After a final inspection to make sure you’re happy with everything, you get the keys to your new home! Now it’s time for the finishing touches, such as fencing and landscaping.

The team you can trust to build your Newcastle home

When you’re ready to build your dream home, call Vision Homes. With stylish, modern home designs and a focus on customer satisfaction, we can help bring your vision to life. With our fixed price guarantee, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing exactly what your home build will cost. So, call us today at (02) 4934 6666 to start making your dream home a reality.