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8 Reasons Why More People are Moving to Newcastle

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Are you looking for the perks of Sydney without the hustle and bustle? After a block of land you can afford to build your dream home on? Ready for a fresh start in a place with a modern vibe and laid-back lifestyle? Look no further than Newcastle!

It came as no surprise to those who already know and love Newcastle that many Sydneysiders began to flock there during the great pandemic-inspired migration. Tired of the rising cost of living and the daily grind of city life, many have found a new home just a couple of hours up North.

Even those interstate who usually discover Newcastle via a post-Sydney stopover skip the state’s capital and drive straight through to where the streets are quieter and the beaches more welcoming. As local home builders to the beautiful City of Newcastle, we’re excited to share the top eight reasons why Newcastle is an excellent Australian city to move to.

8 reasons why Newcastle is the perfect place to relocate

Living in Newcastle offers:

  1. Laidback beach lifestyle
  2. Perfect weather year round
  3. Affordable housing and good-sized land
  4. Wide range of demographics
  5. Exciting weekends for all ages
  6. Easy access to healthcare
  7. World-class sporting teams and facilities
  8. Big city nightlife without stress


Newcastle is the second most favoured rural destination for those seeking a sea change. According to the Big Movers Report conducted by the Regional Australia Institute, moving to regional areas has been an increasing trend since 2011. While many people prefer to remain in the same state, a drastic change is often needed to make it feel worthwhile.

In addition, according to Domain, city dwellers often move to seek a better cost of living, more opportunities, and a better lifestyle. All of this creates an equation to which Newcastle is the answer.


1. Laidback beach lifestyle

Newcastle beach

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Australia is known for having some of the best beaches in the world, so much so that at some beaches, locals often feel like they got the raw end of the deal with no room to flick a beach towel on some of the country’s most popular spots. This isn’t the case in Newcastle, where you can enjoy smaller crowds without compromising on stunning beaches.

There are many areas within proximity to the beach, such as Bar Beach, Cooks Hill, Merewether, and The Junction, but you can enjoy a short commute from anywhere you live in Newcastle.

2. Perfect weather year round

Newcastle locals enjoy a humid subtropical climate, with warm, humid summers and mild dry winters. Clear conditions are commonplace, and the weather doesn’t experience many unpredictable extremes, providing a comfortable temperature year-round for locals living in Newcastle.

3. Affordable housing and good-sized land

Newcastle hill

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One of the biggest gripes of Sydneysiders is the high cost of housing. Newcastle provides the solution. Renting is cheaper, as is land, of which you are far more likely to find a decent-sized block.

In addition, you can enjoy living near the lake in the suburbs surrounding Lake Macquarie, close to the university in places such as Lambton, Mayfield, Broadmeadow, or Waratah, with excellent public transport services for everything you need.

4. Wide range of demographics

Families can support their children through every stage of life, from daycare to higher education at the esteemed University of Newcastle. There is a range of excellent schools, both private and public, and university students can enjoy affordable housing, fantastic facilities, and regular laid-back study sessions on the beach.

5. Exciting weekends for all ages

Arial view of newcastle cbd

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Newcastle is no boring place to live! Known for its cafes, art galleries, restaurants, shopping centres and festivals, you can experience all the best of the CBD without the hustle and bustle. From the range of parks, playgrounds, and kid-friendly activities to its thriving art scene and waterfront dining opportunities, you will never be bored come Saturday night.

6. Easy access to healthcare

There is a wide range of health facilities in Newcastle, including public and private medical centres, the John Hunter’s Children’s Hospital, specialist centres and rehabilitation facilities.

7. World-class sporting teams and facilities

The Hunter Stadium hosts Newcastle’s major sporting events and is home to the famous Newcastle Nights and Newcastle Jets. Locals can enjoy a full range of sports, from basketball to motorsport and hockey, at all levels and ages.

8. Big city nightlife without stress

Night in Newcastle

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Everybody loves a cold drink after work, or a night spent out socialising. However, nobody enjoys the big city trend of hours spent in an Uber or the uncertainty of your ride never even arriving. Newcastle has a range of world-class waterfront dining opportunities right at your doorstep, regular festivals, events, and its own entertainment centre to host concerts and shows.


Top things to consider before moving to Newcastle

Migrating to new cities and towns is something families have been doing since the dawn of time. Still, it can feel overwhelming when you don’t have all the information right at your fingertips. Whatever your reason for moving to this gorgeous piece of Northern NSW, whether for the culture, jobs, a real estate opportunity or an exciting housing development, it’s important to be armed with the right advice and information before making your move.

Consider the following questions if you’re planning to live in Newcastle…

What will it cost to move?

Even if you’re only planning to move within the same state, the prices of moving long distances are no small thing. Consider whether you will need storage if you’re building from scratch, how you will transport your goods, if you need short-term rent accommodation, and don’t forget the start-up costs for things like childcare, gyms, and school.

How much will your cost-of-living change?

If you’re moving from Sydney or any other major city, chances are your new rural location will only improve your cost of living. However, everyone has different needs and ways they spend their money. The cost of living is a spectrum, and you may need to rejig how you shop or spend your weekends to suit your new location.

Is the housing suitable for your needs?

Housing is one of the most important factors to consider when making a commitment to a new region. Start by looking at neighbourhoods and compare each, considering whether it is close to public transport, work, school, shopping facilities and options for healthcare. In addition, if you’re looking to build, take the weekend to drive through the area to get a feel for where your house will be and to map out your commute.

How will traffic influence your day-to-day movements?

When doing your weekend visit or mapping out your commute, don’t forget to consider the traffic around your potential home, work, and school locations. Do you live near where there is often an event? Are you close to hospitals or other public areas that may clog up your commute? Thankfully, Newcastle is not known for its traffic, with the streets being easy to navigate and the population lower than in other city centres.

What suburb will be best for your family?

Honeysuckle, Charlestown, Kotara, Port Stephens, and so many others! It is a fact that many beautiful and well-equipped suburbs that make up and surround Newcastle.

Professionals may choose one with the best public transport options; families may have more interest in those with good schools. Gather as much researched content as possible about the best suburb options for you – and while websites are wonderful, nothing can beat an in-person visit.

Spend a weekend exploring Newcastle, and we’re confident you’ll fall in love with your potential suburb (disclaimer: you might find it hard to choose!).

Ready to take action on your sea change? We can help!

Whether you know the exact suburb, house design and school you’re ready to commit to, or you simply know you want to plant your roots somewhere in the Hunter Valley, our experienced and dedicated team can help. As lifelong Newcastle builders, we know what locals and future locals like and can create a home that you will love for decades to come. Our home designs are tailored to provide a lifestyle that matches the gorgeous place you get to call home.

We will walk you through every step to make your home building journey as exciting and filled with confidence as the moment you decided to make a sea change.

Check out our display homes across Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley, or contact us to get started on becoming the newest part of the Newy community with your custom home build. If you need further convincing, read on to find out why Newcastle is the perfect place to relocate.