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The 4 Stages of Building a New Home

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Building a new home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of steps involved in the process, and it’s important to stay organised and on top of each one. Despite popular assumptions, building a home can be exciting and enjoyable. Understanding the building process can go a long way in delivering on this positive experience. 

Watching the home take shape knowing that your builder understands your vision can take a world of stress off your shoulders. More so, deciding on furniture as the floor plan comes together and picking design elements along the way can form priceless memories to last the lifetime of your home. 

To help you understand the process, we have detailed the 4 main stages of building a new home in Sydney. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to building a new home from scratch, you deserve to feel confident and excited. 

1. The pre-construction phase

Home designers planning floor plans

Once you’ve settled on a home design or have an idea of what you want to achieve, it’s time to choose a builder to make it come to life. Your builder will coordinate the works and operate as the manager of your project. This includes organising and implementing every trade, sourcing and coordinating all materials, and providing general quality assurance over the whole process. This is where industry knowledge and experience become an essential asset, as you rely on your builder to manage everything from the quality to the delicate details of the finishings. This is also a good time to gather resources in order to ensure you are minimising the cost of home building wherever possible. 

During the pre-construction process, you should expect to receive quotes and sign contracts to ensure they work for both your timeline and the builder’s own. Additionally, your builder will examine your block to ensure your floor-plan and home design is achievable.

This stage will provide you with insight into how long your home building process should take. Your builder will have considered key information such as structural changes, availability of materials and unique design requests, such as creating a single storey duplex home. At VisionHomes, we include additional steps such as a colour selection and an opportunity to meet with suppliers so that the vision you have for your home, can truly come to life.

2. The construction phase

New House in the Process of Construction

Once all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, construction can begin. This can mean your home is mere months away based on material availability, the weather conditions, and your builder’s workload.

Most builders follow a pattern of:

  • Preparing the site and laying its foundation, including demolition of previous properties during a knockdown rebuild and flattening the ground to prepare it to host a home. 
  • Building the frame and developing the external masonry including roof sheeting, gutters, cladding, and installation. Electricians and plumbers will arrive during this stage to install essential elements such as pipes, wiring, and fittings. 
  • The lockup stage simply refers to the point at which your doors and windows can be locked. This should mean all walls and roofing works are completed, allowing tilers, carpenters, and plumbers to make your home weatherproof and ready to occupy. 
  • The fit-out is where things get exciting, as your new home is only a few simple steps away. This includes complete electrical works, appliances such as a stove and oven, tapware, mirrors, baths, shower screens, and unique design elements that make your house a home. 
  • The practical completion stage is when all painting, installation, and design details are complete, and your builder will walk you through step by step to tick off each element. This is the last chance before final payment to make reasonable requests to your builder or to change any of the minor details. 

3. The post-construction phase

A good home builder fears that the new owner of the home won’t understand the complexity of the design and the full function of the house before they are left to move in. We will give you everything you need to be comfortable right from day one, so you aren’t left wondering how to operate the oven after a big day of moving in. You should understand your appliances completely and be in love with your floor-plan by the end of this stage. 

Your home will be inspected obsessively by your dedicated project manager at many stages during its construction, this is to catch any potential issues before they arise and ensure your home is lining up with your vision. We support you through every step of the journey and welcome your insight behind the walls and among the floor-plan of your new home. We hope that by the time of post-construction, you will be well acquainted with your home and ready to move in. 

4. Move in and settle in

moving into the new home

The day has finally arrived! Just like that, your home is ready to fill with memories, and we will hand over your keys. By now your home should’ve had a good clean, had the plastics removed from appliances and the windows polished. Your meter box readings will be taken, your TV aerial installed, the hot water system should be reliably pumping out perfectly tempered water and your homeowner’s insurance should be ready to go. With your home slowly coming to life, you can bring in your furniture, pick the bedrooms and begin your new life in your dream home. 

With Vision Homes, you will be working with a team that has built thousands of dream homes for happy customers across the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and the Central Coast. From our initial sales process to the moment you receive your keys, we are dedicated to making you feel confident and excited about your home-building journey. 

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