Knock Down Rebuild of a home

Benefits & Challenges of Knock Down Rebuild Projects in Regional NSW: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Central Coast

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Good land can be hard to find, and while you may enjoy the location of where you live, you may not enjoy the house itself.

Whether you’ve lived in the house for a while and need a change of scenery, or you’ve purchased a new property for the block rather than the home, the option of a Knock Down Rebuild lets you keep the land while completely replacing the house itself.

Want to learn more about this innovative way to create your dream home? Read on.

The Increasing Popularity in Regional NSW

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions of NSW have a combined population of 1.8 million. Knock Down rebuilds are a big opportunity for money, particularly in the last decade or so. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment reported that in the five years before 2020, the region saw 5,814 new dwellings built through knock down rebuilds, creating a total investment in knockdown rebuilds of $4.1 billion.

The average cost of a knock down rebuild project in this larger region is $715,000, averaging 17 months from demolition to completion.


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Should I Invest in a Knock Down Rebuild on My Property?

While knock-down rebuilds are a popular choice for rejuvenating properties through a total rebuild process, how do you know if it’s right for you and your property?

You might want to consider the following questions before you make a choice:

  • Do I want to save anything about the house that’s already there?
    This doesn’t mean decorative doors or stylish light fixtures, as these can be stripped from the property before demolition begins. Instead, is there anything about the design of the old house that you want to keep? Would a renovation be better to preserve what is already there, or do you want a completely new design built over the old?
  • Where will I live?
    If the house to be knocked down is your primary dwelling, you must temporarily find a new place to live with your family. You may be able to maintain your lifestyle if you have a secondary dwelling on site or even a caravan or habitable shed. Depending on the scale of your renovation, you may also have to move out while the work is completed. However, minor renovations may keep the house habitable throughout the building process.
  • Do I have the money?
    Budget considerations are essential for all customers, especially if additional costs for inclusions or design features must be included. Affordability is important, but there are ways to lighten the load. See our blog for ways to finance your knock-down rebuild.



The benefits of a knockdown rebuild cannot be overstated. By starting from scratch, you have complete freedom of design choice. Block size notwithstanding, you can build your dream home to your heart’s content, not bound by the layout or original frame of the old house.

There are also financial considerations. Starting a building from scratch can be quicker and easier than undergoing a complete renovation. While a minor renovation will likely be cheaper than a full build, the kind of people contemplating a knock down rebuild are generally not looking for minor changes to their homes.

There are also safety benefits for other older buildings that may contain asbestos. Rather than risking continual breakage and contamination on-site throughout each stage of a renovation, the old house can be demolished safely and all asbestos removed responsibly in one go.


Needing to relocate to a new home temporarily

According to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (2020), the average time to complete a knock down rebuild project in the region is 17 months. This means that unless you have a granny flat or smaller secondary dwelling on your block, you’ll need to find somewhere else to live for almost a year and a half.

This might be more feasible on a rural or regional land block than on a smaller block in suburbia. You may be able to stay in a caravan or campervan, in a large shed repurposed for habitation with electricity and running water, or if you have the budget, you could build a smaller secondary dwelling, such as a granny flat or tiny home to live in while the rebuild is completed.

A secondary dwelling provided your land adheres to council regulations, can add value to the overall property and even become a source of income through short-term renting like Airbnb, especially in regions like these that are popular for tourism. The rebuilding process could then bring growth and prosperity to your property.

Handling underground amenities

Other challenges relate to rebuilding the underground amenities for the new house design, such as water and electricity. However, the existence of the infrastructure, especially in more regional blocks, should make rewiring and pipe remodelling a simple process.

Building Regulations for Knock Down Rebuild Projects in Regional NSW

Upon building a new house after the initial knock down, be aware that you will still face all of the building regulations if you have bought a brand-new block for the building. This relates to the size of the house itself and where it is positioned on the block. Some councils may also subject you to design or landscaping restrictions or regulations, even if the original home design did not comply with the new rules.

Check with your local council about the regulations affecting your area. Alternatively, talk to an industry professional, such as the team at Vision Homes, who will be able to locate the information for you and present the best options for you and your property. Talking with the professionals can also give you ideas about what you can add to your new house to save money in the long term.

Environmental Considerations

With a knockdown rebuild, you may have to add features to your new home design.

As mentioned above, the council may require new constructions to have a specific rainwater tank size, and financial incentives may be available to add solar panels to your roof. Having modern and efficient technology in a brand-new home, such as hot water systems and water-saving tap fixtures, may save you money on your water and power bills.

Sustainability is essential in modern building and construction. The renewal of your housing, while improving your liveability, may also come with a sense of regeneration and revitalisation for the local environment.

Other environmental considerations may dictate where you can build and how large your potential home designs can be. Whether you have acreage or something smaller, it always helps to organise a site inspection before signing any contract so there are no surprises during any step of the plan’s development and execution.

Speaking with a professional who knows the industry inside and out can help with each part of your plans. These experts can find a solution to everything that comes to mind, from proper home placement to council site requirements. A local consultant can also help find a reliable builder, service the paperwork, and assist with sources for materials, all while adding that personal touch to your service that comes from working with a local.


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Is a Knock Down Rebuild Right for You and Your Property?

Based on the benefits, challenges, building regulations and environmental considerations, are you confident that a knockdown rebuild is right for you? If not, or even if you’re unsure, we strongly recommend contacting Vision Homes and speaking to a local consultant to make sure you consider every option available. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that Vision Homes can manage your knock down rebuild from beginning to end.

Our consultants will ask a few questions, too, so you are fully aware of the process from start to finish, ensuring that your knock down rebuild is a seamless building experience towards getting your dream house built. Get in touch with us today!