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Inspiring Designs for Dual Living Homes

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There’s an emerging housing trend in Australia that has investors seeing double. Double the rent, that is. But homeowners are also seeing the benefits of dual-occupancy homes, with double the convenience and double the space.

Whether for multi-generational living, as a strategy to help pay off your mortgage faster, or to double your rental yield, dual-living homes are an innovative approach to housing that’s paying off for many.

Let’s look at who’s living in these homes and how they are being designed so that savvy homeowners and investors can create a contemporary dual-living design that delivers on style and functionality. We’ll also preview some of Vision Homes’ most popular duplex floor plans.

Why Dual Living Homes are a Popular Choice for Many

Essentially two separate and self-contained homes built under one roof, contemporary dual-living designs mean you don’t have to compromise on privacy, lifestyle or space. There are loads more benefits too.

  • Dual living homes attract fewer fees because there is only one block of land and a single land title.
  • They are a private and functional housing solution with a separate entrance for each home, spacious open-plan living, modern amenities, and stylish finishes.
  • They are available with a variety of flexible floor plans and styles of architecture to suit your block, lifestyle and tastes.
  • Construction is cheaper than with two separate homes, making it an appealing opportunity for family members to share the burden of construction costs.
  • If you’re considering a knockdown rebuild, a duplex can offer maintenance-free living, increased energy efficiency, a better floor plan and the convenience of your existing location.
  • Dual-living homes encourage density, so they are better in terms of environmental sustainability and fostering a sense of community.

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Versatile housing solution for investors and families

Duplexes allow for multi-generational living where family members can have their independence but still be supported by family. In Australia, this trend is growing in popularity as a way to accommodate both adult children and their parents.

Alternatively, one home can be rented out to tenants while the homeowner lives in the other, helping to pay a mortgage off faster or as an income-generating idea.

Dual occupancy homes also give investors the potential to increase their rental income. And because duplexes offer two homes of similar size and layout, they are often more appealing to tenants than a second dwelling such as a granny flat or dual-key property.

Dual Living Design Considerations

Before construction can begin on your dual-living home, you should consider the budget and timeframe that you are working with as well as the materials and home design you’ll choose. The restraints of your block, local zoning and the building approval process are also important considerations.

Design your duplex to be private and efficient

Creativity in home design means that contemporary duplexes offer occupants comfort and privacy, functional living spaces, innovative architecture and stylish finishes.

Modern duplex designs won’t leave you feeling like you are living in a unit, hearing everything that’s going on next door. Contemporary dual-living designs utilise sophisticated, modern building materials for soundproofing and design strategies to separate noisy living areas. They embrace open-plan living and contemporary design principles, such as separate entrances on stylish facades, to maximise privacy and boost the feeling of living in a standalone family home.

Dual living with aesthetic appeal and marketability

From seamless indoor-outdoor living to extra bedrooms and office space, a well-designed dual-living home should offer housing solutions that appeal to the widest range of people possible. The exterior style of the house will help set it apart in a crowded rental market and well-thought-out amenities will also boost its appeal with tenants and future buyers.

Understand legal and council regulations

Different local councils will have different rules regarding dual living. From building regulations to zoning codes, the rules can vary from street to street. Protecting landscaping and maintaining the character of the area may also be things you will need to consider.

In NSW, a Complying Development Certificate can make the building process faster, but not all types of developments will comply. Investigating what’s possible on your site before nailing down your house plans will save you a lot of stress.

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Design Inspiration with Floor Plans by Vision Homes

Garner inspiration for your dual-living home design from these functional yet flexible duplex floor plans by Vision Homes.

1. Sorrento

A mirror design duplex that suits most blocks, the Sorrento layout separates the kitchen and main living areas by placing bathrooms in the middle of the home on the centre wall. This eliminates noise concerns whilst allowing the living spaces to make the most of natural light.

2. Peru

With 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, Peru provides plenty of space over two levels. With a roomy garage and alfresco area for entertaining, this floor plan offers the perfect-sized home for two growing families.

3. Vittoria

With dual living spaces in each unit, Vittoria is a double delight. Formal living at the front of the home and a family room at the back, along with the kitchen and dining, make this floor plan ideal for entertaining.

Dual-Occupancy Homes that are Designed to Delight

Dual-living homes are popping up right across the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle for good reason. They’re functional and stylish dwellings, offering flexibility, privacy and the type of lifestyle that busy modern families demand.

If you’re looking to start your dual living journey, contact Vision Homes today. Smart, spacious duplex designs combined with construction excellence and customer service at the highest level ensure your vision for a comfortable modern dual occupancy home will carry through to the finished product. Call our team on (02) 4934 6666 to discuss the design of your dream duplex.