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Moving from Sydney to Newcastle? – Consider these 10 Things Before Relocating

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Thinking of leaving Sydney to move to Newcastle, but want some more information on whether you’re making the right choice? You’re in luck!

Newcastle is one of the oldest cities in New South Wales, yet it’s one of the hottest places for homebuyers in recent years. This is due to several factors, 10 of which we’re looking at in this article. So, let’s get moving and discuss the top 10 tips to successfully relocating to Newcastle.

1. Cost of living

It’s no secret that Sydney is an expensive place to live, but what you may not realise is how much cheaper things are in Newcastle.

With the cost of living in Newcastle being a whopping 28% lower than Sydney, and rent costs being 24% lower, it’s no wonder people want to move to the Hunter Valley. You name it, food, transport, or clothing, and it’s cheaper than in Sydney.

Moving to Newcastle will mean your hard-earned cash goes further, and who doesn’t want to get the most out of their dollar?

2. Housing market

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sydney-siders have been flocking to the Central Coast and Newcastle, due to more affordable property and housing prices. Along with lower housing prices, you’re likely to get more land for a better price than in the big city.

More affordable housing means your dream family home or a place to retire is suddenly within the budget of a lot more people. A spacious house with a yard for the kids to run around, an opportunity for a first-home buyer, or a more relaxed area to enjoy your golden years? Sounds pretty good to us.

From an investment perspective, Newcastle is booming with new infrastructure and rising demand, meaning the opportunities for capital growth and strong rental yield are there for the savvy investor.

3. Commute time

Moving to Newcastle doesn’t mean giving up Sydney altogether, with it being only a 2-hour drive between the two cities.

According to NSW TrainLink, a train journey from Newcastle to Sydney central railway station will take between 2–2.5 hours, depending on the train you take.

Whether you want to see a concert, catch a footy game or just spend a day in the city, Newcastle is close enough to make all this possible as a day trip.

4. Job market

Moving to a new location will always be stressful and overwhelming at times, but having the essentials organised will help relieve a lot of these worries. If it’s possible to have employment lined up before you arrive, that is a huge benefit. Money is one of the major sources of stress when changing homes, so having employment will relieve a lot of stress.

Newcastle has an unemployment rate of 4.3 per cent. A low employment rate means most people in Newcastle have jobs, which means employers are looking for employees. Great news for anyone new to town.

5. Removalist Costs

When building a new house, moving day is something home buyers often forget to factor in. Being prepared and working this into your budget will help make a sometimes stressful situation more manageable.

For a move from Sydney to Newcastle, a removalist company will charge somewhere between $63.40 to $77 per hour, which for a three-bedroom house would add up to around $1,030, plus any additional travel costs.

How much it’ll cost to move from Sydney to Newcastle will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • How much stuff you’re moving.
  • Which company you chose.
  • Whether you hire a truck with or without movers.
  • Whether you’ll need storage options or space.

The safe transport of your furniture and belongings is important. Therefore, it’s worth researching moving companies with a solid reputation so you can ensure your goods safely make it to your new home in Newcastle.

6. Housing options in the area you want to move to

Your housing options play a huge role in any move you make, but it’s particularly essential to do your research when you’re moving to an unfamiliar place. If you have the chance, take a trip to Newcastle and have a look around at the houses (this doubles nicely as a way to check out the area in general).

Figuring out the best home design for you is about considering what will best suit your lifestyle. Two young professionals who have no interest in starting a family will have a completely different set of needs than a family of five.

7. Education options

For those with kids or who are looking to broaden their own horizons, Newcastle is full of leading educational institutions.

The University of Newcastle has been ranked as one of the top 200 universities in the world, and there’s a renowned TAFE available as well.

For the kids, there are many primary and high schools that will teach and guide them through their formative years.

8. Lower population and quieter communities

According to the last census, Newcastle has a population of around 322,278.

For those used to the hustle and bustle of Sydney, it may take a moment to adapt to the quieter lifestyle of Newcastle. The more relaxed lifestyle makes the area perfect for raising a family or building a retirement home.

9. Sports and recreation

Home to the Newcastle Knights rugby league team and the Newcastle Jets Football Club, among many others, it’s fair to say Novocastrians love their sport. Along with loving their footy, locals also enjoy surfing, skating, and generally having a splendid time outside. There are plenty of sports clubs to keep the kids active on the weekend as well.

From beautiful countryside walks to surfing on one of Newcastle’s renowned beaches, there is plenty to keep your family active and enjoying the great outdoors.

10. Newcastle home builders

One of the most important factors in building the best home and having a wonderful experience is choosing the right home builder in Newcastle. Ideally, your builder will know the area like the back of their hand, meaning they’ll be on top of any potential issues.

No building project is going to be a completely stress-free experience, but the right builder will be able to communicate with you to guide you through your journey.

Time to call Newcastle Home with Vision Homes?

At Vision Homes, our expert team knows Newcastle like the back of our hand. We’ve built homes for plenty of new and lifelong Novocastrians, and we’d love to help bring your dream home into a reality. We offer a range of services, including knock-down rebuilds and custom designs. Our professional, friendly team would love to be part of your next move, so get in touch today to discuss your new home.