"We would also like to say what a great job is being done in building our home. The bricks look lovely & the workmanship quite neat. We met with a young man (electrician) who was professional & helpful in advising us & listening to us re the electricals fit out. We noticed the plasterers have been their all weekend working. Thank you to all involved. We appreciate seeing the work progress, as we get closer to our deadline of moving from the house we rent."
David and Rose, Chisholm
"We are absolutely delighted with our new house and are sure that the years ahead with our young family will be enriched from the new home that we have built"
“Vision homes did a great job with my dream house. Their comprehensive approach to construction educated me on the significant factors to consider when building your dream house. I learned a lot from looking different types of floor plans to budgeting my money in terms of raw materials and construction supply”
Mark Jake Sy, Newcastle
‘Thank you to the team for an outstanding job. We are very happy with the way this has gone and will be strongly recommending Vision to whoever should ask us about the build’
Mike and Angie