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Building on a Sloping Block

You've finally found the perfect location: close to friends, good schools, the perfect amenities, and even the coffee shop with the good pastries, but there's one catch - you'd have to build your home on a steep slope.

Building on a sloping block can be a scary thought for a renovator or new homeowner, even turning some buyers off completely. If the location is perfect and the price is right, building on a slope may be the deciding factor that you just can't get past. We're here to tell you - building on a sloping isn't as scary as it seems.

Sloping land can offer wonderful views and support a completely unique home design. Building on a sloping block requires a creative mind and innovative construction to maximise its potential, and there is much to consider along every step of the building process. To ensure your beautiful home is well supported with a strong foundation and integrity through the structure - it's essential to find a crew who is familiar with the challenges and potential of a sloping block.

An opportunity that comes with exceptional views...

What is considered a sloping site? A sloping block is a piece of land that has variations in elevation levels, with one side higher than the other. The Central Coast and Hunter have hilly suburbs everywhere with sloping blocks; from the mountains and beaches, and even within the inner city.

A block that slopes upwards means the highest point is at the road, with sloping down describing when the lowest point is at the road. A side-to-side slope is possible and is known as a cross fall. To build on a sloping block, some creativity and flexibility is needed, but the results can be magnificent.

We won't deny that building on a sloping block has its challenges, but there are many benefits to working with this kind of building site. Homes built on steep sites offer a unique opportunity for the home to feature sweeping views and creative floor-plans.

Where a level slab requires landscaping and can only reach so high, a sloping block house will likely have greater views, more natural light, and often less fill required post-construction. Additionally, the home design on a sloped block can include stunning high ceilings, an architectural design that breaks the mould, and a reduced steepness in the driveway.

The price of building on sloping blocks

One of the first things people are worried about when they talk to us about developing a house design for a sloping block is the additional cost that might be involved. There are a few more steps needed in the process when constructing a new home on a slope, which does bring with it some extra costs.

What those building and site costs are will vary from block to block for many reasons. Things to consider when planning the cost of building on a sloping block include the steepness of the block, the access to it, any specialist machinery that might be required and drainage and sewage issues.

The hidden costs of structure support

Keep in mind that landscaping on a steep block may also have additional expenses involved outside scope of your house build. You may need to consider additional retaining walls, plants and gardens to help stabilise the ground, stairs for access and the difficulty of adding other practical features like clotheslines or leisurely features like swimming pools and entertainment areas.

If you're like most people, you probably think of rock or stone as nothing more than a simple way to keep soil in place and create a nice-looking garden accent. However, natural retaining walls can actually do a lot more than that – they can also help protect your home from damage in the event of a natural disaster.

Although there are extra building expenses, they can often be factored into the value of the land to avoid deterring potential buyers. If you're looking at options, the best way to know exactly what you are in for is to speak with a builder. Our friendly, helpful team loves talking about house designs and how we can provide solutions to any obstacles on the property.

Split-level homes as a budget friendly option

One of our favourite ways of building on steep properties is to design a split level home. Split level home designs change the floor level throughout the house rather than having a completely flat ground floor to adapt to the slope. This style of sloping block house can provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate breathtaking architectural features that aren't otherwise possible with single level houses, all while reducing how much earth moving and engineering is required.

Overcoming the challenges of building on sloping land

We won't lie and say that constructing a house on a sloping block is never difficult and that it will be completely stress free, but building any house is a big project that usually always has an obstacle or two to overcome.

You may love the natural beauty the land, but when it comes time to build on it, you quickly realise that there are many challenges. How do you make sure your structure is stable and not prone to sliding down the slope? How do you account for the uneven terrain when laying out your foundation and floor plan? And what about drainage – how do you ensure that water doesn't pool on your property?

What we can promise is that when you work with an experienced home builder like us, we take the pressure off you to make it easy and go the extra mile to maximise everything the slope has to offer your new home. We are friendly professionals who love to plan and create cutting edge home designs that are the perfect solution for any steep block.

Tips for creating a functional and stylish home

If you're lucky enough to have a sloping piece of land, there are many ways to make the most of it! Here are some tips for creating a functional home on your unique property. By planning ahead and using clever design tricks, you can take advantage of the natural terrain and make the most out of your space. So don't let a sloping block hold you back – get creative and start building!

  • Seamlessly incorporate a garage below the main living area of your home
  • Use the slope to elevate your bedroom, enhancing your privacy and views of the skyline beyond your home
  • Incorporate the natural angles into creating a unique getaway within your home. Add on a small library, brightly-lit craft room, or home office with a luxurious view.

Make the most of your sloping site with Vision Homes...

As one of Australia's leading home builders, we are always pushing ourselves to create exceptional, cutting edge designs. We enjoy sloping block building for the opportunity it gives us to create something new to perfectly suit each unique block and homeowner's vision. If you're considering a new home in the Central Coast or Hunter Valley, make sure you speak with our exceptional team of trusted builders.

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