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Display Homes Central Coast

One visit to our display homes, nestled amongst beautiful Central Coast will have your imagination running wild with possibilities. As you tour our display homes, you will find everything your family will need to go from work to pleasure while enjoying everything else along the way. The look and feel of our display homes grant you a unique insight into the home design of your dreams and are a great way to discover what you will want for your new home.

Experience top of the line features in one of our display homes

Our display homes are just one example of the end product with the house design of your home up to you. Only you know the features and requirements for your dream home, and we can provide the freedom of choice for you to get what you need and more from your space. From swimming pools to the wall colour, double storey or split level, more or less focus on landscaping; the finish of the design is where you can add your unique touches and make your house feel like a home.

Aspen 25 Sublime Facade

Aspen 25

22 Virginia Rd Warnervale NSW 2259
Open 7 Days - 10am to 5pm
(02) 9057 1960
On display: Sublime Facade
Harmony 27 Adelphi Facade

Harmony 27

22 Virginia Rd Warnervale NSW 2259
Open 7 Days - 10am to 5pm
(02) 9057 1960
On display: Adelphi Facade

Top-quality building displays in stunning locations

Our display home designs have the options of up to 27 different facades, making the look and feel of the home unique to you, and our home builders can arrange the layout and floor plans based on your specific designs and house size. Our display homes will give you a real-life glimpse into what you can expect at the end of your build, and you can leave imagining your new home in its entirety - from where you will put the couch to how you will display your family photos.

More choices for your home design

We understand that your home is your dream, and you may have specific ideas about what you will need. From double storey to single storey on a range of diverse landscaping challenges all across the Central Coast map - Vision Homes has created dream homes for clients whose vision started in a Vision display home. We love working with your home designs and helping you to make your dream a reality by showing you our display home features and options that will suit your needs.

We offer:

  • Full customisation of our home designs
  • Changes to better suit your lifestyle or your land
  • No limit on the interior or exterior changes to the structure of the homes

This all means that you have complete control over the look and functionality of your space.

Friendly service and impressive designs

Our team is small enough to offer you personalised service but diverse, experienced, and well connected enough to bring you the complete solutions to build your ideal space. Our product line of fixtures and fittings will suit any home design and are proudly displayed in our display home locations. We use a selection of only local suppliers to create your home meaning our suppliers can help you with the navigation of your way through the stylistic and functional choices for your home and answer any of your questions around prices and stylistic options.

At Vision Homes we want you to have an enjoyable experience building your new home and we aim to help with the navigation of this exciting time of your life to make it an easy one. Our display homes open daily to supply you with a real-life glimpse into the quality and feel that comes with any home build with Vision Homes.

One step closer to your dream home on the Central Coast

The Central Coast is known for its beautifully crafted homes. At Vision Homes NSW, we believe in offering you flexibility, the best quality for the best prices, the benefits of local suppliers, and plenty of options for total customisation. Our display homes are an example of how stunning and comfortable Vision Homes' designs are, and you're guaranteed to leave wanting more time in these stunning creations. Let us fulfil your vision for your perfect home with over 20 years of experience across the map, combining outstanding value with stunning and smart design.

Contact us to arrange to view any of our display homes on the Central Coast and beyond, to make an appointment to discuss your build make an enquiry about home pricing or to ask any other questions about our home designs or display homes. Our phone number is 1300 006 656 to speak with one of our friendly consultants about creating your Vision.

We can't wait to start creating your Vision Home.